Come acquistare

The purchase process consists of a few simple steps:

 - Entry of items in basket

- Entry / modification of delivery / billing information

- Choice of shipping options and payment and insertion of any discount coupons

- Revision of the order and its confirmation

- Online payment (for payment with XPay, credit card or Paypal)

Entry of items in basket

While browsing the catalogue you can add the products you want to buy by clicking on the “add to cart” button present on all tabs of product detail.
Once you have completed selecting your items for purchase, click on the button “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” on the cart page or  by clicking on “CHECKOUT” in the box " Cart" in the top right corner on every page in order to proceed to complete your order.


On this page you can enter shipping and billing information.
If you are not registered, please enter all the required information (marked with an asterisk in the section: "Information access to the Site" and "Shipping Address" and "Billing")
If you are already registered, insert your  account details and proceed, clicking  the LOGIN button.

Order Details

After confirming your personal details, you can complete the following additional information of your order:

- By entering the details of a voucher or promotional code that you may be redeeming

- Choosing the delivery method (BRTCorriere or in-store pickup)

- Selecting the preferred payment method

- Accepting the Terms of Sale.

Some of the choices made (for example, cash on delivery) will determine changes in the overall costs of your order that you can verify in real time 


After entering the order details, you will be  presented with a summary of the order for verification.

Here you have the opportunity to change all of the choices previously made, or to confirm the order.

By confirming the order the selected products are then picked from our warehouse.


If you have chosen a method of online payment (credit card, XPay or Paypal) you will be redirected to the XPay or Paypal site where you can safely make the payment.

Order confirmation

After confirmation of payment (in the case of online payment) or after the confirmation of the order data submitted in the summary (e.g. pay on delivery, bank transfer, etc.) you will be redirected to a summary page of your order.

A copy of the summary will also be sent to you via the email you used to register with or have on your account details.